Increase Your Business Searches and Views by 503% with Online Reputation Management Services?

My Online Reputation Management Services

DOES Increase Your Business Searches by 503%












Sounds Crazy, Right?





Here’s a screenshot from one of my

client’s Google My Business Page stats,

for ONE MONTH after My Reputation

Method was implemented





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My Service not only creates a FOUR and  FIVE STAR


Quickly and Effortlessly, but also Protects Against

Damaging Reviews That might hurt your existing or

beginning reputation for your small business.







Right Now, More Than Ever, Google is

Using Your Google My Business Reviews

as One of Their Main Ranking Factors



Check out this quick example of some keywords I entered into Google :






“best mexican food near me, fresh ingredients, fast delivery”






Notice the boxes I drew to highlight the keywords Google knows are important to their user?




Nice Touch Google, Right?



In order to understand exactly how this process works, lets  look at some basics on online reputation management.





The Definition of Online Reputation Management is……



Thе prоcеss оf mоnіtоrіng, dіscоvеrіng аnd rеаctіng tо іnfоrmаtіоn оn thе wеb thаt cаn hυrt уоυr brаnd іmаgе.



Generally spеаkіng, thіs іs а оnlіnе mаrkеtіng fіеld whіch іs cоncеrnеd wіth bоth rеаctіvе аnd prоаctіvе еffоrts tо іnflυеncе cоnsυmеr pеrcеptіоn оf а brаnd іn thе dіgіtаl space.




Most folks gеt thеіr fіrst іmprеssіоn оf уоυr bυsіnеss thrоυgh аn оnlіnе sеаrch  lіkе Gооglе.




Tоdау, оrgаnіzаtіоns аnd іndіvіdυаls аrе аt thе mеrcу оf іntеrnеt mеdіа sоυrcеs thаt аrе аvаіlаblе 24/7,  we’ve all seen it.






Unflаttеrіng nеws, rеvіеws, pіctυrеs, аnd еvеn оυtrіght lіеs cаn bе pоstеd іnstаntаnеоυslу аnd sprеаd thrоυghоυt thе оnlіnе wоrld in minutes….You Need a Plan






I offer comprehensive Online



Reputation Management Solutions and



Use BOTH PRO-ACTIVE and Re-Active



Efforts in order to create a more



effectve sounding panel between the




business owner and their customers.








88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation –  from a friend or family member




My Service not only creates a FOUR and


FIVE STAR Reputation For YOU, WITH




Effortlessly, but also Protects Against


Damaging Reviews That might hurt


your existing or beginning reputation


for your small business.





See for yourself HERE, or schedule a walkthrough with me today~











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Chris stands out from so many others in the digital marketing space because he genuinely cares about his clients and he knows his stuff. Not only does he work hard to deliver for his clients, but he is constantly working to stay abreast of new technologies that can help his customers gain a competitive edge.--Casey Lindsey
Casey Lindsey
Chris at AmpMyBusinessUp delivered some excellent work. The website was professionally designed and we are now ranking highly and have no doubt over the next few weeks will rank number 1 on Google. Thank you Chris!-David Fearon
David Fearon
Got me on the 1st page of GOOGLE and I'm getting tons of calls!!!----Brandan DeLaney
Brandan DeLaney
Great guy to work with who gets you excellent results. My business is on the first page of google, my website is secure and running; all with the help of Chris!-Ashlee Mcnally
Ashlee Mcnally
If you are looking for a proven way to get more exposure for your business or services, I highly recommend Chris and his team at Amp My Business Up.His dedication, knowledge of video marketing and branding skills are sure to keep you coming back for more. Thanks again for all your assistance Chris!--Lenny Rowell
Lenny Rowell
Chris did a ton of work for my local small business is Bloomington. He created and verified ownership of my Google my business page.I was able to get 10 new 5 star reviews with his reputation method!Chris created a custom logo with video intros and outros for my business here in Bloomington. I highly recommend him:)----Shannon Masters
Shannon Masters    The Parlor

Chris is a great person who is very skilled and knowledgable about getting businesses to page one on Google as well as making sure they are super secure. Highly recommended.

-- Adam Payne

"Trust this guy, he knows what he's doingAt first when I heard from Chris, I thought he was joking or not seeing something correctly on my website. He had me check and sure enough, our visitors were getting big warning pages, being told not to enter our website.  I felt sick to my stomach because I have no idea how long this has been happening....I had an ACTIVE ADWORDS campaign, spending close to a grand a month, throwing money away because no one would access my site after the warning.He only had me pay $27 until I could see the green padlock on my site, then charged me the remaining.  He SAVED me thousands!  Trust this guy, he knows what he's doing!" -Jack Carlson
-Jack Carlson
"Fast, Reasonable Priced, Get's The Job Done! - Chris alerted me of the big security issue with my site and how that would affect not just my search engine rankings, but also my bounce rate.  He had the SSL certificate installed the same day." Amanda Underhill
Amanda Underhill

"My Dream Come True Website"

I'm just going to say it, Chris is amazing!  I could tell he was taking notes during our conversation, I was apprehensive at first.  Within a few days he gave me an even better website than I had ever imagined.  He made sure that everything was perfect for me and I was happy.  True mobile optimization, fast, ssl certified, and my clients can even pre book their own appointments.Our website is getting us SO much new business and clients on a daily basis!  I actually just started working with Chris on some local video marketing last week and we were number one within a couple of days =) -Rachel Armstrong"
-Rachel Armstrong
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